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Evan and I ripped up to the scales last night, apparently they had been recalibrated and we wanted to compare our cars. 89, optioned, no sunroof, ka24e, tools and full tank VS 93 optioned, sunroof, 1jzgtte, tools and full tank. I was 159kg (350lbs) lighter at 1160kg (2550lbs). He’s also got like 50lbs on me.
But he also has another 150hp on me haha so who is the real winner here?

Jeeeez. 350 is a crazy difference. I think you come out on top until he has 275 all around

Yeah, technically 400lbs when you add in human weight. I know I can shave a lot of weight off still too. I’d be curious to know the difference with my old trunk and hood. Make that head something special. I’m dedicating funds to put that motor together. I want to do bigger burnouts.

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